Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a website cost?
Every client has different needs and I work with your budget to create a plan that maximises the requirements of your project.
With Creative Hound, you can expect a quote of $1,500 - $4,000 for most standard websites and online stores. I offer a lot of features with my standard website package, which can be tailored to your individual needs.
Corporate websites that require additional features, for example a Content Management System (CMS), are not included in the base package and range from $4,000 - $8,000. The $1,800 custom website is most popular with small businesses.
Please feel free to contact me for more details.
What does the standard website package include?
Custom graphic design with identity integration (layout, navigation, content organisation, colour palette, etc.)
Royalty-free and/or custom imagery (graphical elements, photography, etc.)
Email contact form
Organic search engine optimisation
Valid, hand-written XHTML and CSS code
Additional design/development elements or variations are normal with most projects
How do I maintain my affordable price structure?
I have a small overhead. I rely almost entirely on word of mouth marketing from satisfied clients. As a client, you would work directly with me on all aspects of the project, no middleman. My philosophy is that quality work coupled with competitive pricing equates to happy clients. No smoke in mirrors.
Do I outsource?
No, all my services are done in-house, from concept design to hand-coding websites. If you have a large project, for example with a Content Management System (CMS), I will employ another developer to give you the most suitable team for your project's requirements.
Why are CSS, XHTML & Web Standards important?
Web standards are guidelines for HTML, XHTML, CSS, and other technologies used to develop websites. These universal rules are meant to ensure websites are more accessible across a wide range of browsers, platforms and devices.
XHTML has replaced HTML as the standard markup language used to create web pages. I am an avid supporter of web standards and build my websites using valid XHTML and CSS code.
Will my website be search engine optimised?
Yes, I optimise every website by using meta data, image descriptions, and priority HTML tags. Every site is also developed to current W3 web standards, which gives the individual pages maximum search engine recognition. After development, I submit your site to several major search engines.
How long before I have a website?
On average, websites take 4 - 6 weeks to complete. Your website's content is king and that's where the process starts. This can be a daunting task and is often what slows down a project's schedule. I can help you with tips and pointers as I am well versed in writing for the web. I then need feedback from you as I progress the design and development. As such, you are a big part in the turn-around time of the project. I don't cut corners; I believe in quality, not quantity.
XHTML/CSS website versus Flash website?
In general, XHTML/CSS websites are better for larger sites and/or those that will be updated frequently. XHTML/CSS websites can have flash elements embedded for embellishment. XHTML/CSS websites also have better search engine ranking. If your goal is to have a fresh website with a large amount of content, occasional to frequent updates, with maximum search engine recognition, then an XHTML/CSS website may be the best choice.
Flash websites are more suited for small to medium sized websites requiring “wow” factor, with animated transitions, animated rollovers, and sound effects. Flash sites are great for corporate websites, photography websites, personal websites, portfolio websites, etc. With the latest Flash/XML technology, Flash sites have improved greatly in terms of maintenance. It's now easier to keep a Flash site updated with fresh content. If your goal is to present an interactive, cutting-edge website, both graphically and functionally, with minimal to moderate content, then a Flash site may be the right choice for you.
Can you maintain your new website?
Yes. There are a few options available and I can discuss with you which would be more suitable based on your budget and the requirements of your project.
If you need a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS), I am to discuss designing and developing your site either using an existing development tool (like ExpressEngine®) or custom building one for your specific needs.
Alternatively, I offer a very economical website maintenance service on an as-needed basis, with no monthly commitments.
What about hosting & domain name?
A website requires a hosting account and a domain name. Your hosting account is basically rented space on a server, where your website files will reside and be displayed from. The domain name is your unique URL or web address, for example
Can I have a tailored package specific to my needs?
Of course, I encourage all my clients to tailor a package to their needs. I design logos, business cards, letterheads, brochures, postcards, and many other marketing print materials. My logos and print designs are based on your taste and style, and can be anything from minimalist to complex.
What's green about my business?
Creative Hound is a carbon neutral and energy efficient business, 100% powered by green energy. The Creative Hound website is hosted by Digital Pacific, carbon neutral Australian web hosting.
On a business level, I consider the way my studio operates and take small actions like cutting down on paper use, switching off at the source when my equipment is not in use, and recycling everything I possibly can. I keep on the pulse of new sustainable technologies, implementing new processes and never being complacent.
As a creative problem-solver, I can and would be more than happy to incorporate sustainable choices into your communication and business strategies.
Think globally, act locally. Charity begins at home.